BiH Connection: Forging B2B Partnerships with Diaspora & International Companies

August 10th, 2017Hotel Bosnia, Kulovića 9, Sarajevo


For the second year in a row, Restart is organizing a networking event for diaspora and BiH businesses in Sarajevo, which consists of three parts:




Potential business opportunities




% Satisfied Participants


Do not miss it and be sure to attend

  • Registration

    18:30 - 19:00

  • Opening Speeches

    19:00 - 19:15

  • Pitches

    19:15 - 19:30

  • BSN

    20:00 - 20:30

  • Pitches

    20:30 - 21:30

  • Net Party

    21:30 - 23:00

Participants’ and Media Registration

Participants’ Registration
Media Registration
Media Statements

Opening Speeches

Edin Forto | Restart Management Board
Peter Duffy | Mission Director of USAID/Bosnia and Herzegovina
Video: How we can contribute to BiH’s Economic Development?


Sanjin Arifagić | USAID Diaspora Invest
Bengt Gustavsson | SoftHouse Invest
Admir Tuzović | App Impact
Muhamed Tabaković | Expansion of Trout Production
Rešad Začina | Ministry of Programming

Bisnode Speed Networking

In this part of the program, you can meet up with 15 potential business partners in a short period of time, in the "speed dating" mode. Based on the Bisnode matrix, each participant meets each and has 5 minutes. You can exchange experiences and make a deal with 36% probability.


Damir Faruk Saracevic | Sarajevo IT College
Iskra Leko | AABH HUB - outsourcing AEC Industry
Armin Maglić | Igraj Uči Rasti d.o.o.
Marin Bevanda | Amplius - Rubico smart keychains
Omar Mušić | Halilović d.o.o
Hanna Cerić | Digital Business Space

Restart Networking Party

This is an excellent opportunity to connect organizations and individuals from around the world, collaborating on ideas and finding new project partners.



Check who made this event possible


Other Sponsors

Softhouse Consulting
Omr Globus

Get Tickets

Participant tickets for those who attended in 2016

21 /1 person

  • Entry to the Business Pitch program as an audience member

  • The option to register for the Speed Networking event
  • Entry to the Networking Party
  • Light food and refreshments

Regular Tickets

35 /1 person

  • Entry to the Business Pitch Program as an audience member

  • The option to apply for the Speed Networking event
  • Entry to the Networking Party
  • Light food and refreshments

Presentation package

150 /1 person

  • Option to present your business during the Business Pitch Program (5-minute presentation)
  • The option to apply for the Speed Networking event
  • Entry to the Networking Party
  • Light food and refreshments

Venue Information

Everything you need, 24 hours


The spacious, elegant and well-appointed rooms, impeccable organization and professional staff make the hotel Bosnia attractive in terms of the organization of conferences, meetings, social and cultural events in the center of Sarajevo.


The venue is located in the city center so it is easily reached by private or public vehicles.


The networking event is organised in Hotel Bosnia. There are many other hotels available around the event location for temporary residence, from motels to 5 stars.

Restart Results 2016 - 2017

In just over one year, Restart has achieved the following:

Annual report
  • Provided information support and led 14 new companies through legal administrative processes
  • Established 14 new companies in BiH
  • Published 90 news releases for diaspora and local businesses on our portal and social networks
  • Shared 15 diaspora events on the website
  • Successfully organized two educational programs attended by 35 participants, most of whom were representatives of small and medium-sized companies(For one of the programs, we obtained a license from the prestigious Ivey Business School to organize a 10-day entrepreneurship MBA program for 20 participants)
  • Organized three (3) networking events (in Sweden, Canada and Sarajevo), which were attended by more than 250 people collectively, where we presented investor success stories from BiH; we also participated in two diaspora events in Switzerland and Sweden, organized by partner diaspora-affiliated organizations
  • We have established a partnership with 17 organizations active in the field of emigration, such as USAID, UNDP and the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, for which we have provided consulting services related to policy making and emigration.

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